She Leads Company 

The ultimate Women’s Business Network connecting you with mentors in blockchain, clean-tech and fin-tech.




1. Why connect with a community?

Mentors in our community can help you answer a variety of questions related to your career, startup ideas and development, whatever stage you’re at. Surround yourself with fierce, empathetic, supportive community of women helping other women succeed and thrive.

2. Let us make your journey a little easier

At She Leads Company we know that nobody is born an entrepreneur. Different women take different paths to achieve success. She Leads Company is here to make your entrepreneurship journey a little easier by connecting you with mentors globally and locally. 

3. Our mission

Our mission is to close gender gap in business and access to finance for women. We go above and beyond to achieve 50/50 split between male and female founders and investors.

We support all fin-tech, clean-tech, blockchain and other tech-enabled companies.

4. How it works

  • Browse your needs

           Type your needs in search box to get the best results. 

  • Pick a job

           Filter mentors by expertise and tools they use and pick your favorite one.

  • Get it done

           Get free mentoring using your bonus points or purchase expert advice. Connect with people who love what they do.