My services for marketing and branding strategy are based on strong and professional knowledge which I have gained while working with some of renowned MNCs.

This package will give you

1)Marketing strategy
2)Marketing plan 
3)Target audience 
4)Demographic segmentation of your target market 
5)Tailor-made marketing plans for each stratum of the target audience and market with optimal utilization of different mediums.

Furthermore, you will get a complete branding plan for your brand as per the brand needs and requirements. You will get
1) Comprehensive branding brief
2) Branding strategy ( design brief – Note: designing is not included in it) 
3) Brand placement plan
4) USP (Formulation of unique selling proposition for the brand for each market segment) 

Now the question may arise why I have joined marketing and branding together in a single service package? The answer to it is, a company or a brand can achieve its full potential in a market if its marketing and branding strategies are not coherent with each other. So it will be more than suitable if both the strategies are made at a single stop to keep them integrated with each other.